USB Security Tokens May Not Be As Secure As You Think

usb secure is a USB security software program that can protect USB flash drives, USB hard drives, memory cards and other storage media from unintended data theft. The software runs with plug and play and will instantly react when a USB drive is plugged in. If the USB flash drive is secured, the software will request the password before allowing access to the plugged-in device.

The tight security on the ThinkPad drive is driven by the hardware-based 256-bit AES encryption, and the customizable auto-lock switches on after periods of 5, 10 or 20 minutes of inactivity. It also travels protect usb well; the pocket-size slab weighs just 7 ounces, and a 16-point omnidirectional shock-mount system guards against accidental drops. It’s reasonably fast, too, though not up to the Apricorn’s blazing pace.

A setup that grants remote access is one that is the very antithesis of maximum security. If you wrote a script to deal with this in three seconds, anyone with physical access to the machine will simply disable or counteract it in short order. In other words, you’re either brain-dead or a windbag and troll that should go jack off somewhere else. For the sake of argument let’s say you want to create a 2GB encrypted disk secure usb image. Start by opening TrueCrypt, click on Create Volume, and then select the standard” volume button, and click Next. Click on Select File…” and enter the name of your disk image at the prompt (make sure you’re saving the file on your mounted USB stick). It’s not just the USB that’s dangerous. Anything is dangerous if security is not part of the design/implementation.testing especially in an opaque environment.


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