Google Launches USB Security Key Support To Keep Accounts Safe

A secure media device preferably includes a Universal Serial Bus (USB) Mass Storage Class (MSC) interface and a USB Human Interface Device (HID) interface. A storage media area is also preferably provided. The storage media is preferably divided into a secure and nonsecure area by arranging secure usb the storage media into multiple Logical Units (LUNs). The nonsecure area is preferably accessed in a conventional manner using a host USB MSC driver through the USB MSC interface on the storage device. A password dialog application can be located in the nonsecure area of the storage device.

So, what to do? Well, you essentially have to mediate. This might be an IOMMU integrated in SOC or inlined in PCI bus. There’s memory crypto schemes. There’s also my old strategy of offloading each secure usb I/ device onto a separate chip which has a safe interface to the main chip. That preserves COTS hardware compatibility, while allowing you to choose what chips to put trust in for mediation.usb security camera

Log & Event Manager, with its USB Defender technology, monitors the usage of USB devices, including mass storage media devices on phones, cameras, and wireless networking devices. You can prevent users from copying unauthorized files to external devices and identify unauthorized applications launched from USB devices. usb secure Log & Event Manager includes an extensive library of active responses to trigger actions and send notifications when security threats or compliance violations are detected. Preventive measures include automatically detaching USB devices, killing process by ID or name, blocking IP addresses, or shutting down machines.


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