USB Secure

The Integral Secure 360 USB Flash Drive allows you to transfer your photos, music, videos and documents with confidence. With the capless, rotating case design you will never lose the ability to protect the vital USB connector. Meanwhile, ‘Secure usb secure Lock II’ 256-bit AES encryption software protects valuable and sensitive data with an easy to use drag and drop interface. The Integral Secure 360 Encrypted USB Flash Drive is a simple but secure solution for carrying your private data.

a compromised USB drive could have full access to everything on your hard drive, and it could use your computer for distributed denial of service attacks if its connected to the internet. these kinds of attacks are not about the data on your flash drive lock usb being stolen, its about random malicious code that your computer trusts enough to run without your permission when you plug in your drive. all because most people were too lazy to install their own drivers manually, they made the process automatic.

I don’t think it’s fair to say that. I bet if you took a poll of your users/readers/listeners/followers/whatevs asking What would you do if you found a USB stick?”, along with some other basic security secure usb questions (slightly disguised to not be obviously looking for security-based answers), you would get a majority who would try to identify the owner, from the contents. It’s human nature.


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