Mobile App Security

From smart video surveillance via the safeguarding of properties and companies right up to protected data transport: As the global fair for civil application security, security essen started successfully. Around 1,040 companies from 45 nations redefined the standard for civil security at Messe Essen. Thus, security essen has once more provided impressive proof of its position as the leading fair.

Effective responses to complex Homeland Security risks require integrated, collaborative strategies involving a diverse range of federal, state, local, tribal, private sector, civil sector, and even international partners. Homeland Security threats—be they acts of terrorism, natural disasters, infrastructure failures, or other crises—can occur with little or no warning and with unpredictable effects.homeland security investigationshomeland security committee

We’ve been around the block and we’ve seen a lot of companies come and go. email security isn’t just about technology, it’s about trust. Over the past 15 years we’ve worked hard to earn the trust of over hundreds of thousands of companies world wide. We’ll continue to work hard every day to maintain that trust. Longevity and stability is core to our mission at Basecamp.

All of us in the command post visibly recoiled at that sight. It was the stuff of flash picture memories – the kind you have when you can tell someone where you were when men landed on the moon, when the you learned that the Challenger space craft exploded or any other incredibly significant event in your life occurs. In that instant it was indelibly burned into our brains.

That attack, which is still ongoing , has left websites as Reddit, Twitter, Spotify and others struggling to stay up. The sheer scale of the attack is due to the target: one of America’s biggest DNS hosts. Domain Name Servers, or DNS, act as a directory for the internet. DNS servers are what allow visitors who type in to be routed to the correct server where that fine website is hosted. Dyn is a major player in the DNS game, so an attack on its systems was bound to cause major outages.


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